Project Description


Exceptional Pieces 1750 – 1770

  • Tin-glazed earthenware

  • H. 60cm – Diam. 25cm

This pair of ornamental vases are among the most extraordinary volume pieces from the Real Fábrica del Conde de Aranda. They have a tall, robust foot, a top-shaped body with a strangulation at the bottom, a concave neck with a central projection and a lid topped by a bouquet of flowers, fruits and leaves. The rockery handles culminate in a lion’s head. The decoration presents a wide repertoire of rockeries and other ornamental elements associated with it, such as natural flowers, fountains, architectures and even some animals.
They come from the collection of the Marquis of Benicarló and are reproduced in plate LVIII of the 2nd edition of the “History of Ceramics in Alcora”, by the Count of Casal (1945).